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 Intimate Waxing Specialist

I was trained by Kim Lawless, aka "The Wax Queen" using her own technique and I use only the best quality Perron Rigot hot wax.

There are two types of wax:

  • Hot wax also called non-strip wax - this wax doesn't require strips for removal as it peels off
  • Warm wax also called strip wax - removed with strips

Hot wax/non-strip wax encapsulates the hair and doesn't stick to the skin. This means it's less painful for the client and kinder to the skin. I use this type of wax for intimate, facial and underarm waxing.

I use warm wax/strip wax for larger areas like legs. Hot wax and warm wax are both actually hot and the names are a bit confusing! Please note: in order to get a great wax you need to have at least 3 week's hair growth.

For more information about Kim and how she's changed intimate waxing with her technique, please go to www.kimlawless.com

Intimate Waxing Information

Underwear is not worn for some of my waxing, so if you're having a G String, Brazilian or Hollywood, that's you! There is absolutely no need to feel worried or embarrassed about anything, I will try my best to make you feel comfortable and I'll get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. There'll be no awkward silences, I've always got something to talk about!

Bikini - no hair visible when wearing bikini knickers

High Leg - no hair visible when wearing high leg knickers

G String - No hair visible when wearing a G String. Please note: bum will be waxed. This is where it gets serious....

Brazilian - A small strip/triangle/whatever shape you want left at the front, but that's it!

Hollywood - Clean as a whistle!

A wider strip each side and a bit across the top G STRING £20
This is where it gets serious…. Includes bum and you will be able to wear a G String with no hair showing BRAZILIAN £30
Includes bum, a small strip is left at the front and that’s it! HOLLYWOOD £35
Not a hair in sight….

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