Teeth Whitening

Additional Info

  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Service Amount : £199

Fresh Smile

The WY10 system is used and trusted by 1000’s of dental professionals around the world. The WY10 gel formulation is scientifically proven to remove stains more effectively than other leading brands. The wy10 bleaching equipment is the most user-friendly, safe and effective in the market.

Client Reviews

I recently came to see Victoria to get my teeth whitened. I was a bit apprehensive as I know somebody who had it done and suffered with sensitive teeth afterwards. I've been using my trays and wy10 for 2 weeks and I can't believe the difference in my teeth!! Lots of people have noticed how much whiter they are and there is no sensitivity at all. Thanks so much! I'll be recommending Pearl's to everyone!

Victoria checked my teeth and then did some moulds for trays. After a week I got them back and have been using them ever since. They fit well and I've even worn them when I've been out of the house! Teeth look so much whiter and fresher. Well worth every penny!